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Welcome to Solar Smart Invest, where we help you navigate the exciting journey towards renewable energy. We are not a typical solar company; we do not sell or install solar panels. Instead, we are a team of solar industry experts with years of experience, dedicated to empowering homeowners in the world of solar energy.

Solar Smart Invest was founded by Edward Bordi, a seasoned veteran of the solar industry and former Vice President of Sales at Solar Energy World, one of the nation’s top-rated solar companies for volume of installs, quality, and customer satisfaction. Under Edward’s leadership, Solar Energy World ranked in the top 10 solar companies, despite primarily serving the northeast region. Congratulations to our friends at Solar Energy World!

Ed equips people with the right tools, knowledge, and mindset to win, consistently. He built the strategy, created a winning attitude and culture, leading his territory to its best year ever in our company’s 13-year history. Ed gets results. I would highly recommend Ed if anyone has a chance to work with him. I’d also recommend Ed because he’s results driven and has both a great personal and a great business temperament.

                  ─ Geoff Mirkin, Owner, Solar Enery World

Inspired by the many homeowners his team helped go solar while at Solar Energy World, Edward identified a unique opportunity to support them in a different way.

He observed that while companies like Solar Energy World were providing top-notch installation services, there was still a gap in the market. Homeowners needed some additional guidance navigating the often-complex solar buying process, and sometimes they wanted an unbiased voice to help.

With this vision, Edward left his executive role to establish Solar Smart Invest. His goal was not to compete with his former colleagues but to complement the services offered by them and other solar installers across the United States.

Solar Smart Invest aims to walk alongside homeowners, with a mission of helping them go green and save money in the process.

At Solar Smart Invest, we leverage our years of insider knowledge to empower you to make smart decisions about your solar investment. Whether you’re at the initial shopping and buying phase or you’ve already embarked on your solar journey, we’re here for you. We’re committed to breaking down industry jargon, demystifying pricing structures, and offering insights you can trust.

Edward and our team at Solar Smart Invest view our role not just as one-time consultants but as long-term partners. Even after your solar panels are up and running, we provide ongoing support. You can turn to us with your questions about panel performance, billing inquiries, system upgrades, and more.

At Solar Smart Invest, we’re driven by the vision of a world where homeowners can confidently embrace the shift to renewable energy. By providing expert guidance, continuous support, and being your advocate in the solar industry…

We make this vision a reality.

Join us on the journey towards a brighter, more sustainable, and financially smart solar future. Because when it comes to solar investments, you deserve a partner who puts you first. Welcome to Solar Smart Invest.

Your solar journey starts here.


Edward Bordi
Founder, Solar Smart Invest


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