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First, we simplify solar for you amid information overload, preparing you to make smart decisions. Then when ready, we connect you with one of our expert-vetted, top local installers.

There are bad solar choices

We love solar. It’s great for people and the planet. But it’s easy to make bad choices (the wrong company, equipment, or financing).  You can’t be expected to fully understand every aspect of the complex and fast-changing solar industry.  So we make it simple.


And good solar choices

There are thousands of solar options. Some good. Some great. And some very bad. Our goal is to find the best solution for you. We ask a few simple questions and then make a recommendation — based on your specific wants, needs, and don’t wants.



Make Good Choices

Deciding to install solar panels on your roof is a significant commitment – one that will impact your home for decades to come. While factors such as the type of panels and warranty are important, the most crucial decision you’ll make is choosing the right company.

A stellar warranty means little if the company backing it isn’t reliable. When selecting an installer, consider their industry experience, reputation with customers, workmanship, financial stability, and the variety of options they offer — a reputable company should provide more than just one or two choices.

Don’t just focus on the initial sign-up and installation process either; look at customer experiences over the lifespan of their solar systems. Making a well-informed decision now will ensure your solar investment pays off in the long run.

While any solar installer can mount panels on your roof and get the system running, not all will ensure a proper design and installation. A poorly chosen installer might leave you with off-center panels, unsightly wiring, or a system that underperforms and fails to deliver the promised savings. These are just a few of the potential pitfalls of choosing the wrong installer.

Solar energy is a fantastic choice, but only when backed by a competent company

We firmly believe that exceptional customer service starts from the very first conversation and continues throughout the entire lifespan of your solar panels (30+ years). Consider this: Does your sales consultant arrive on time, treat you with respect, answer all your questions, and keep their promises? Does the company install a flawless, aesthetically pleasing system themselves, or do they subcontract the work? Is the customer service team efficient, friendly, and quick to resolve any issues? And does every interaction along the way make you feel valued and appreciated? These are the hallmarks of a company committed to outstanding customer service.

Having a variety of options is crucial when it comes to solar energy. This includes different purchasing methods like buying outright, leasing, or power purchase agreements (PPA), multiple financing options, a selection of panel manufacturers and types, and additional features like critter guards, batteries, or snow guards. Without these options, you might go solar but fail to optimize your savings because your provider didn’t offer a better alternative. They simply sold you the only option they had.

Regrettably, this scenario is all too common in the industry.

In the solar industry, warranties typically fall into two categories. First, there’s the installer’s warranty, which generally covers parts, labor, and the roof area where the solar panels are installed. Some superior warranties also cover production and the removal or replacement of panels, if necessary.

Secondly, there are manufacturer’s warranties for the solar panels and inverters themselves. These warranties usually cover parts, labor, and a production guarantee.

It’s important to choose a company that offers a robust workmanship warranty and a wide range of manufacturer options, which in turn provides you with a variety of manufacturer warranty options.

How You Go Solar Depends…

On Where You Live

We ask for your address, so we can see if your home qualifies for solar. Not all homes do.

Your Financial Goals

We ask about financial goals  reduce monthly expenses or maximize savings over the long-term?


Roof / Ground Mount

We ask if you want to install solar on your roof or as a ground mount. Sometimes you have a choice.

Your Credit

We ask about your credit. Most companies require a credit score above 650.

Age of Your Roof

We ask about your roof, because if it needs replacing, we can make a recommendation there, too.


Size of Your Roof

We ask about the size of your roof, because that might affect the type of panel you choose.


Battery Backup


Investor Relations




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